Tarryn Vice

Permanent make up and medical tattooing have been my passion, my craft and my absolute focus for the last 22 years. I completed my first course in South Africa in 1996, when permanent make-up was just becoming popular. Since then, I’ve continued to spend my time totally focused on learning, teaching and perfecting my skills. I believe that to be one the best permanent make up artists, you have to dedicate yourself to constant learning and also research and development of new techniques.

Through this on going learning, I discovered my second passion which is teaching and lecturing. I have been teaching permanent make up and medical tattooing for the Finishing Touches Group for 14 years, where I now head up the training team.
I’ve been lucky enough to teach in some of the best PMU academies in the UK, Tokyo, Korea, Sao Paulo, Iceland, Spain, Thailand, Portugal, Germany, Faro Islands, Kuwait, Ireland and South Africa to name a few.

I’ve been the trainer to Harrods, a regular lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons. I also worked with Tracie Giles for many years in Harley Street and Knightsbridge.
More importantly though, I have always and will always remain a student of PMU.
My current focus is product research, pigment and needle testing, and creating amazing masterclasses and training programs. I write and create many masterclasses and video tutorials, and alongside the Finishing Touches Group this year, brought you the amazing new Organic pigment lines True Brows and Posy Lips. I am currently working on some amazing new needle innovations and products, so the next year is going to be very exciting.

What I would most like to share with you all at this point in my career, is what I have learnt over the last 23 years about needles and how to choose the right needle for your client. I feel that this is an area that technicians have a very keen interest in, but that there is not a lot of easily available information on the subject. Im always very happy to share knowledge with my peers and colleagues, and am super excited to talk to you all about needles and how to get the best results with them.