Mark Smith

Mark Smith is a multi award winning scalp micropigmentation artist, who made his entry into the hair loss domain via the hair transplant industry.

Having had a hair transplant himself back in 2011 after suffering many years with hereditary hair loss, Mark then began his new career working with an international hair restoration company, using his graphic design, branding and advertising skills for several years to enhance their brand globally.

In 2016 Mark opened his own hair loss consultation clinic in Northern Ireland offering his patients hair transplant procedures with partner clinics around the UK and Europe. Recently opening his very own RQIA registered Hair Transplant Clinic in Northern Ireland, which is the first of its kind there.

Amongst this came a gap in the market for men and women, who either couldn’t have a hair transplant, or felt that a hair transplant procedure was too extreme. This is where Mark then found an interest in Scalp Micro-pigmentation.

Having only trained in January 2018, Mark has quickly risen in the Global SMP Industry. Winning multiple awards both nationally and internationally for his talents.

Mark says…

“I find my new scalp micropigmentation career highly rewarding. It’s a pleasure for me to watch someone’s confidence and self esteem grow as I work through a course of treatment for them. Seeing my clients transform is just the best feeling in the world. I feel humbled and very grateful to have gotten where I have in such a short space and that’s down to my wonderful clients and the people in the industry that I’ve met and who I now consider life long friends.”