Angela Smith

Altered Image Consultant and founder of the Positive Image Clinic, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire.

“Personal experience has inspired me to give others the very best version of themselves.”

My initial career as a hairdresser took a dramatic turn fifteen years ago after receiving a diagnosis of a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of thirty-two.

There followed a life changing series of events that led me to a path of self-discovery and eventually, a very positive career transition.

During my own course of chemotherapy, I learned that the variety, fit and quality of wigs for those of us living with hair loss was woefully inadequate and did little to improve sufferer’s self-image whilst enduring treatment. This realisation inspired my mission to bring the very best in hair loss solutions to the UK whereupon, my Positive Image Clinic came into being.

It was through this process that I discovered the image transforming world of Micropigmentation – permanent cosmetics and aesthetic treatments that offer solutions to those needing to feel more confident about their appearance after experiencing life changing events.

Following my personal experience of cancer treatment and its  effect on my own self-image, I dedicated fifteen years to a period of intense training as well as practicing medical, permanent cosmetic and aesthetic treatments which have enabled me to give clients  confidence in their appearance and therefore feel comfortable ‘in their own skin’.

I am able to truly empathise with clients who have perhaps experienced trauma through illness, low self-esteem or life transitions because of my personal journey of altered image. Knowing how clients really feel and what a positive body image means to them helps me to deliver a skilled and vitally caring service.

It is now my mission to put care at the forefront of the aesthetics industry. Caring is a human quality that seems to be scarce in our society today due to the many pressure’s workers face through being over worked, the fear of failure or high performance targets.

We all have a responsibility and a real duty of care to those clients needing aesthetic services and we should strive to give them the best versions of ourselves and in turn, give them the very best version of themselves.