Ana Perrone

Ana Perrone, Swiss Color® Instructor, Microblading App Developer.

Voted one of the best microblading artists in South Florida, Ana is the only one in the U.S.A. holding 3 certificates from all major international microblading/ PMU schools; Phibrows, Biotek and Swiss Color. With 18 years of experience, in Brazil and U.S.A., Ana is the creator of the number one most downloaded microblading app in the world which is free for download at She is also Microblading & PMU international instructor for Swiss Color®.

Ana is the owner and co-founder of Miami Beach Microblading (, which is the only medical spa in Miami offering Eyebrow Microblading & Microshading Swiss Color® training centre and service provider under medical supervision.

Ana Perrone is the only certified Swiss Color International PMU & Microblading instructor in the United States, being allowed to teach microblading to existing new students as well as to existing microblading teachers who wish to become Swiss Color® certified trainers.

2019 has been a very busy year with the creation and launching of her new online courses for Swiss Color® Academy USA branch ( One of the online courses focuses on PMU and Microblading business marketing optimisation and has helped a lot of other artists and masters gain more clients and students, even tho they are not Swiss Color® professionals.

This year, Ana was also featured in the cover of 3 international PMU magazines (one magazine from Brazil; “Silam Book Magazine”, and 2 English magazines from Russia; “PMU International” and “Permanent Make Up”).

Besides from being invited as master speaker at the prestigious World Wide Eyebrows Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Ana Perrone also was featured as international speaker on the subject of Microshading at 2 editions of the international event called Global Permanent PMU & Microblading Conferences in Sochi and Moscow, Russia on April and September of this year.

Currently Ana is active working on her clients and teaching live and online students while anxiously preparing for her newest presentation in 2020 at the best PMU event in the U.K. (Micropigmentation U.K.)