Sian Watkins

Sian Watkins is a Platinum Cosmetic & Medical Tattooist, Microblading Trainer and cosmetic clinic owner based in Swansea.

Sian trained under world-renowned experts from Croatia and Hong Kong. In 2016 she was invited to travel to China to demonstrate her techniques at an international exhibition. In the same year she was runner up in the UK Permanent Makeup Championship and, in May last year, she was chosen to go to Russia to judge an international permanent makeup competition.

With over 8000 eyebrows under her belt, Sian’s extensive experience is recognised by leaders in the industry. Sian is committed to the safe practice of Microblading and promotes extremely high standards. Her ‘’Be Kind to The Skin’’ philosophy defines her Microblading style and technique. She believes that Microblading is an art and a precise science and teaches her students to treat the skin with the great care it deserves.

Sian Watkins Training is a world class learning environment where beginners, or experienced permanent makeup artists, can realise their potential as professionals in the field of Micropigmentation. Sian also runs courses and masterclasses all over the UK.