Selen Shenalp

Selen is a globally recognized expert in Permanent Eyebrow Makeup.
She was born in Cyprus and, following high school, she attended the London College of Fashion – where she graduated with honours in her higher BTEC Diploma in Art and Design. Her passion has always been in the creative arts. Semi-permanent make up has provided her with the opportunity to practice and develop her passion alongside her artistic talents, which she further developed in London. She has over 13 years of experience in her field and founded her own brand, which is recognized worldwide. She has been living and working in London since 2012, where she has established herself as one of the world’s leading artists in semi-permanent make-up. Furthermore she is also the principal international trainer for SelenBeauty Permanent Makeup Art School. In addition to working as a semi-permanent makeup artist, Selen currently travels around the world, attending conferences as an expert speaker for eyebrow permanent makeup.

Natural Eyebrow Creation    

Selen’s speciality is creating beautiful and natural looking eyebrows. She likes to work within the natural growth direction of the individual hairs creating the eyebrow.
She has mastered her own technique by blending the finest hair strokes with powdering, creating natural looking eyebrows, or using different colours to achieve a three-dimensional look, to complement and enhance the individual face. Selen has proudly named her technique ‘Interlocking Hair Strokes’. Her client base is made up of international celebrities alongside long-established clients. She now travels the globe to masterclasses, sharing her skills and keeping abreast of the latest developments and techniques.