Giada Carida

Born in Rome, lives in Germany for three years, back in Italy she graduates in languages and starts working in JPMorgan one of the most famous American banks, as assistant to the CEO. In 2007 she decided to leave the classic “safe place” to devote herself to her great passion: aesthetics. In 2012 she graduates as a make-up artist and works as a for cinema, fashion and commercials. Continually looking for the best for her training, she arrives in Sulmona to specialise in dermopigmentation with the Orsini & Belfatto academy.

She begins the study of permanent makeup, basic and advanced-corrective then, paramedical dermopigmentation and tricopigmentation. Training remains one of her priorities, constantly investing in specialistic masters. Three years ago, after having worked for a long time with several centers of dermopigmentation in Rome, she finally feels ready to give life to a center of his own. Professionalism, dedication, strong motivation and passion are the qualities thanks to which she receives the collaboration proposal as a teacher of the Orsini & Belfatto Academy.

Her dream is realised on May 3, 2018, day in which she marries the DERMAMENTE project, representing her master Ennio in one of the Italian centers of excellence in dermopigmentation. In her center Giada Carida, in addition to performing the various treatments, being a Master for the “International School of Dermopigmentation” by Ennio Orsini, she also performs professional training courses of permanent make-up, paramedical dermopigmentation and tricopigmentaion.

These last two disciplines are those that gave her more satisfactions, bringing them as topic in international congresses, becoming international speaker.