Debbie Clifford

My name is Debbie Clifford and I am the training director for Goldeneye Micropigmentation and Pigmentalia. I came into the micropigmentation industry later in life, after a colourful background of careers.

I was brought up in an artistic and medical family and, from a young age, had an interest in portraits and faces. But I found my first love in teaching children with challenging behavioural problems. I have a BA (Hons) degree in Early Years Development & Learning with the Norland Diploma. I believe somewhere along the line I was destined for a career in micropigmentation because of my love of faces, teaching and challenges!

I have high expectations of myself. I’m continuously learning and trying my best to pass this knowledge on to my students.  Although I can be a tough trainer at times, my aim is to give my students the best start in micropigmentation they can get, and I promise to be there for them throughout their careers.

To be good and successful means delivering high standards to each and every client or student. Continuous practice and learning are a must in this industry.

It’s a real privilege to be part of Goldeneye and Pigmentalia (Beauty Medical Partners). We offer what I truly believe to be some of the best products and training courses in micropigmentation.

The quality of the equipment and pigments is outstanding – we benefit from over 20 years of experience and research by our manufacturer Mario Gisbert and partners.

By bringing talent, passion and quality together the results we create can be truly extraordinary.

I expect total dedication from my students during their training, they do not qualify until I am 100% convinced that they are ready. Our clients need our very best to feel comfortable and relaxed and they expect the results to be of a high standard.

Training with Goldeneye or Pigmentalia is a marathon rather than a sprint. There are no shortcuts unfortunately.

Jasper Scholtes, Tina Walsh and myself want to uphold the respect and integrity that Mario Gisbert (founder of Goldeneye) and Milena Lardi (Beauty Medical) have dedicated their lives to.

Being part of this family is a lot of fun too. We have great rapport with each other and support each other on a daily basis – keeping in mind that the client always comes first.