Terence Jones

Terence Jones is the founder and Senior practitioner at Skalptec. Skalptec is now one of the UK’s leading Scalp Micropigmentation specialist clinics.

His journey started in 2011 – Terence decided to give Scalp micro pigmentation a try himself and went for treatment at one of the leading companies at the time. After his second treatment was completed, he quickly realised that something was wrong. The dots had been deposited too deep and had migrated into each other. After travelling back to his home in Jersey, he tried calling the company many times to speak to someone for advice. He needed to know how to remove the mess they had caused but, devastatingly, they were unwilling to help! After some time, he finally found a company in London who specialised in Tattoo removal. He had the bad treatment removed and tried to get back on with his life.

The whole ordeal had made such impact on Terence’s life that he made a vow to himself – He was going to learn how to do this treatment and provide a better and more professional service than he himself had received.

After 12 months of continuous practice, and dedication to developing his own technique, he secured a job working alongside a hair-transplant surgeon. Terence began working on scars and quickly made a name for himself. He was being recognised, not only his skill, but for the kindness and compassion he had towards each and every one of his clients. Because of this Terence started getting referrals from the local hospital. The referrals covered a variety of people who were suffering with trauma, transplant, scars and alopecia to name a few. Terence learned a lot about working with scar tissue and these experiences allowed him to master his trade.

After 14 months he decided it was time start his own company, so Skalptec was born.

In 2014 Terence left Jersey and moved back to his home city of Liverpool to begin the expansion of his company. To improve his work Terence kept pushing the boundaries of micropigmentation. He worked with the best pigments, he adjusted needles and even changed motors in his guns for a longer stroke that helped the ink flow. He continued to strive for perfection, trying new techniques, so it wasn’t long until Skalptec was recognised for producing some of the best results the industry had seen – winning many awards along the way.

Skalptec went from strength to strength. Within six months Terence had opened a second location, in Newcastle, and followed soon after with additional locations in London, Jersey, Aberdeen and Rotterdam.

Skalptec is considered to be one of the country’s leading names in Scalp Micropigmentation and Terence Jones continues to be recognised for his dedication to the art of Micropigmentation and his unique service to his clientele.