Naomi O’Hara

Naomi O’Hara is Training Director of The Clinical Academy where she started delivering Permanent Makeup training in 2015.  Naomi specialises in all aspects of Permanent Makeup, Medical Tattooing and SMP – Including Micro Needling and Scar Camouflage.

Naomi’s 14 years of treating such a wide range of clients is hugely helpful to The Clinical Academy’s technicians, who are embarking on their own PMU journey.

“My work is split between growing The Clinical Academy – by working with the team on areas such as products, the online shop, training and customer happiness!  I love the way people feel at the moment when the training just clicks!”

Recently Naomi has been involved in the ‘Watch Your Tone’ Colour Theory for Perma Blend, which has taken her to Las Vegas and North Carolina – recording and sharing knowledge with some of the greatest permanent makeup technicians in the world.

Naomi personally teaches The Royal Marsden Hospital nursing staff in Medical Tattoo, and over the last few years she has also written qualifications in her subject for awarding bodies.