Craig Bottomley-High

Craig has worked within the micropigmentation industry for over 9 years, specialising in scalp for the last few years.

A number of years ago he began researching companies who were offering SMP procedures. It was still a relatively new service and he could see that some of the pigments being used had no retention, bad migration, very bad discolouration or the equipment and needles were not completely suitable to create a replicated follicle look. While researching he came across a few good examples of SMP but, surprisingly, a very high number of poor and unprofessional results.

Over the years he has done extensive research into scalp anatomy, implantation with needles and pigments (both organic and inorganic). This provides him with a wealth of knowledge with regards to scalp micropigmentation procedures. As Craig says, “It’s not just dots!”.

His passion for Scalp has seen him travel around the whole world doing conferences, demonstrations, educating and training – from Argentina to Italy, Portugal to Brazil. Making Scalp Micro UK an internationally recognised brand.

Craig is also an International award-winning Scalp trainer for the Finishing Touches Group.

“Scalp is my passion! I have had the procedure myself so can empathise with every client, both male and female.”

“Consultation is the Key!  Managing the expectations of every individual client is paramount, under my guidance I seek to provide a specific treatment catered for every client’s needs”