Michael Koumis

Scalpology Founder Michael Koumis has been steadily building his reputation for some time now and has become one of the most sought after scalp micropigmentation technicians in the U.K with clients flying in from all over the world.

With clinics in Hertfordshire and Bath, Michael has also had the pleasure of performing treatments on some high profile clients.

Michael started his career as a barber when he was just 16 and at the tender age of 22 decided to open the doors to his first barber shop in year 2000. Roll on 20 years his barber shop is as busy as ever although Michael has taken a back seat in the barbering industry now as Scalpology has gone from strength to strength.

Michael also runs a very successful training academy and has trained many very successful technicians from all over the globe as his attention to detail and ongoing support system is something he prides himself on.

Why did I get into this industry? “After barbering for many years and always looking to progress, hair loss was always a sore subject in the barber shop. After researching about scalp micropigmentation and then training in it I soon became obsessed with the industry and was finally able to offer my clients this life changing procedure.”

Michael’s barbering background has definitely helped him in building Scalpology to what it is today. “Instantly being able to visualise the hairline that suits each client is something that comes very natural to me.”

Michael is a firm believer in that scalp micropigmentation is an art rather than a job which is demonstrated in his attention to detail.