Katerina Zapletalova

Katerina’s journey began several years ago and took in a variety of countries in her quest for excellence in this specialised area of the beauty industry.

Katerina had a naturally artistic nature which was realised to a greater degree at secondary school, however she went on to university to study public administration and law as this was her parents dream for her.

Katerina’s passion for art never dwindled though and eventually life directed her to the beauty industry and permanent make-up, a field she has not only excelled in but gained a global reputation as an artist and trainer in all forms of semi permanent make-up.

Katerina is extremely passionate about her profession and work, she strives for perfection not only in her own work but her students work as well.

“ There is no better feeling than seeing the look on a clients face and knowing that you have been able to give them back confidence and a make a difference to their life with something so small is a feeling I will never grow tired of.”

Katerina’s entry in semi permanent makeup started with a trip to Munich with “long time liner” in 2013, which earned her the first of many diploma’s. and qualifications. Her training continued and took her to Russia, Estonia and Poland amongst other places to expand her knowledge and further enhance her name & reputation.

In 2014 Katerina travelled to Hong Kong to train in a “new” technique called Microblading/eyebrow embroidery, this “new” technique is actually one of the oldest recorded forms of tattooing and originates from Asia.

Katerina trained with the now internationally recognised trainer “Rebecca Chung”, upon her return to the UK, Katerina arranged for Rebecca to come to Hereford and hold a unique masterclass for existing machine technicians, this was the UK’s first Microblading training.