Kally Moorhouse

Kally is a multi award-winning Permanent Make-Up Artist who originally trained back in 2006, learning all areas of permanent makeup tattooing with one of the largest training academies in the Uk.
Over the last 13 years Kally has continued to develop her skills by training with many specialist technicians working to adapt, perfect, and create her own styles and techniques.  In 2016, Kally trained in Areola Tattooing and found a new passion that she has further developed, whilst being able to provide free-of-charge life-changing treatments for many breast cancer survivors.  This passion has developed into a new Specialist technique that, along with her skills as a machine Hairstroke brow artist has led to her being recognised by panels of industry peers on several occasions, resulting in multiple awards.
With these new techniques, having spent many years working from newbie to specialist, to award-winning artist, Kally has now set up her own training academy where she passes on her wealth of experience to other, similar-minded, artists and practitioners.
The last two years has been a roller-coaster of life and industry events beginning with the honour of being asked to judge, followed by being awarded the title of Best Machine Hairstroke Artist 2019, and Best Medical Areola Tattoo Artist 2019, and this has all been topped-off with the request to demonstrate her Areola Tattooing Technique at MPUK this year – An industry event she can’t wait to attend and take part in.