Daz Day

After 18 years of teaching special needs (Daz’s passion in life) he moved on from this career due to health and spinal issues.

Daz was initially a client of SMP after having a failed hair transplant leaving him with multiple scars. SMP changed his life and he found his new passion for helping others.

Daz started back in January 2013 training for six months with the innovators of SMP. He worked on Harley Steet for a few months before running a clinic in Manchester.

He was later offered a clinic in Houston Texas and has completed over 4000 clients ranging from 4 to 5 sessions each.

Daz opened his clinic in Spain just has Covid-19 hit, which kept him closed for most of the year.

He now drives for 2.5 days, home, to serve his clients in the UK.

Daz started training students back in 2017 with ‘one to one’ training for people who genuinely do this for the right reasons. Not to make a quick fortune!

He firmly believes he is only as good as his last session and the canvas he is working on. After all these years he still gets skin that challenges him.